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Our Mission

You are very welcome to! Thank you for visiting and please stay as long as you like. As the web grows ever more complex, we feel that it is important to take a look at what's out there and help to point it out to people when we find stuff that is worthy of note.

While we are fully aware that the concept of reviewing websites is not a new or unique one, we try to do things a bit differently here. A lot of organizations and individuals build and maintain excellent websites that perhaps do not get the full attention or credit that they deserve. One of our primary goals is to feature such sites and hopefully help to gain more exposure for them as part of the process.

From a criteria standpoint, we do tend to focus more on technical and design elements but not to the extent of excluding other vital areas that would impact the user-friendliness of a website. Technical excellence is obviously very important but should never come at the expense of user experience.

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