You Are Going To Love

You Are Going To Love

scr1Not all websites are created equal! is one of the good ones. Let’s take a more in-depth look at why.

As regular readers will no doubt already know, our primary focus is on the technical elements of what makes a site work so let's start with speed.

We measured the speed of in several ways and compared those speeds to some very well known sites. did very well across all the speed tests from pre-transfer time to connection time. The chart below show the aggregate of these tests against the major sites we used as benchmarks. The results are expressed in terms of percentages rather than the actual times.

Other sites shown as % of speed of in the results





From a design perspective, is strong in the important areas.

The color scheme is pleasant to the eye and the layout is stylish and logical. There is a good use of graphics and the overall effect is very positive.

How the eye is drawn to the various different elements within a site is definitely one of the key areas that always needs to be kept in mind and does a very good job in this respect.




scr2There is a tendency among some designers to treat the site navigation as a bit of an afterthought. That is not the case here. The navigation is clear, simple and is treated as an integral part of the project. This will also give a user confidence about their experience on the site.

There is a natural flow to the site where the eye is drawn from one element to the next in a very unified and logical way. The overall user interface that is created by the combination of these elements is really first class.

The speed tests mentioned earlier are also a factor here. The modern web user tends to be impatient. Being able to deliver content quickly is very important and speed is also a factor in how Google ranks sites in their search results so good performance in the area is critical.

Worth Checking Out

User Experience


We had 17 people of differing levels of computer literacy take a look at and rate their user experience.  This threw up a nice range of data. The performance of against the other sites was extremely good and is displayed in the graph below.

All of our participants recorded a positive experience for which shows that it works across a wide range of types of users.

User experience results





Ultimately, things like the layout, color scheme or navigation have to be part of a broader equation where a high quality user experience is the final goal. balances all of the various elements very successfully to arrive at a very smooth and pleasant user experience.


So after all that what did we give as an overall rating out of five stars?


We have absolutely no hesitation in giving 5/5 stars as it performed so well.



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