Now Showing The Internet Movie Database

Now Showing The Internet Movie Database

scr1Some websites are so much part of the culture of the Internet that it’s possible to take them for granted. could certainly be considered to be one of those sites. So let’s start with the absolute basics, if you’re new to planet Earth (or just new to the Internet), IMDB stands for Internet Movie Database.

The site became part of the Amazon network a number of years back as since then has continued tO consolidate its position as the definitive source for data with respect to the film and television industries.

It is the most comprehensive online database of information about television programs, films and video games. Apart from the actual productions themselves, it also catalogs production crew and actors as well as fictional characters, plot summaries, biographies and trivia.





So, what we have here is a huge repository of information and millions of people accessing it. From a user-experience perspective, this creates a lot of issues, both technical and ascetic. In terms of the site design and layout, these potential difficulties are handled very well.

How the eye is drawn to the various different elements within a site is definitely one of the key areas that always needs to be kept in mind and does a very good job in this respect.




scr2Clarity and ease of use are defining features and it’s only when one looks closer does it become apparent how much information is actually on each page. There is an extraordinary amount of data and links on any of the individual pages without the overall feel ever becoming cramped or cluttered.

Font choices are also an integral part of functional yet elegant impression. This clarity manifests itself both in terms of the on-page information as well as the further reading nature of the internal link structure.

One of the unusual characteristics of the site is the fact that it’s used by both industry professionals and consumers as a source of information. It is a testament to the extent of the monopoly the site enjoys that it is considered to be the definitive source of information about film and TV productions. So much so that most websites that deal with reviews of TV shows or movies will usually reference and IMDB link.


User Experience


Obviously, all of the technical stuff needs to serve a greater purpose and that greater purpose is the user experience. We accessed the site on a number of different devices. It displayed properly and loaded quickly. One of the minor surprises here was how well the site performed when accessed from older computers. It was very quick and responsive even on older machines.

When the amount of data and scripts running on each individual page is taken into account, this is extremely impressive. Some of the larger sites out there tend to forget about older technology IMDB performs brilliantly in this regard.






When the amount of data and scripts running on each individual page is taken into account, this is extremely impressive. Some of the larger sites out there tend to forget about older technology but IMDB performs brilliantly in this regard.

All the pages for individual items have a dynamic news feed. The algorithm which drives this news feed is obviously very effective in terms of accuracy but is one of the few items on the site that can run a little slow under certain circumstances. However, despite this small quibble, we would suggest that its accuracy far outweighs ant very minor issue with respect to speed and overall it still ranks as an excellent feature.

So, what did we think for a score out of 5 in an overall sense? Well, this really is an excellent site and how well it functions despite its size and data rich nature only makes it more impressive. However, there are some areas where improvements could be made so not quite a 5 in this instance but we did settle on 4.5/5 which is still a truly excellent score.


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