Pinterest Reflecting The Perfect Image?

Pinterest Reflecting The Perfect Image?

scr1A site that has made a huge splash in recent times is It is a site that has user contributed images as the primary body of content. It is also a site that is very much rooted in the social network era and has all of the functionality that one might expect when taking that into account.

Apart from functionality, it has also grown because of the move away from the older and more established social networks such as Facebook. This shift has primarily occurred among a younger demographic and Pinterest has certainly benefited greatly from that shift.

While sites that have this type of buzz can very easily become over-hyped, it would be unfair to look at Pinterest in that light. While the site is trendy at the moment, it is also built on solid functionality that offers users helpful tools as well as a large and growing community.


What Does It Do?



The primary function of Pinterest is that you can create "pinboards". Form a solely functional standpoint these are basically categories. Now into these categories (pinboards) you can "pin" images that you have either made or found online.

This allows you to build up collections of pleasant images, with notes that you can attach to them and where appropriate, links back to a source the images came from. Apart from function social interaction and sharing is a big part of the overall ethos of the site.


Otehr Suggestions


scr2Pinning stuff that other Pinterest members have already posted works really well. It is also possible to add content you that you might find elsewhere on the Internet using the Pinterest bookmark bar.

Upon setting up an account, installing the button based on the browser you are using will be explained in detail and is very easy to implement. All of the major browsers are covered and the whole process is completely painless.

Apart from regular web access, Pinterest also supports all the major mobile platforms and in particular has very good apps for both Ios and Android. One of the major ways in which the site differs from other similar websites is that it focuses on other ways to find content online rather than just surfing the Web. The processes are very visually focused and as a result they are also very intuitive.


User Experience


The obvious first step is to go through the sigh-up process and get yourself an account. Then you can choose the areas that interest you from a fairly diverse and comprehensive list that you will be provided with. This list will include things such as education, architecture, gardening, history, design, pets, and far too many more to list. The interests you pick will then form the basis of the kind of stuff you'll see when you first go to the homepage as a logged in Pinterest user.

All of the code required to run the backbone functions of the site are obviously very server intensive but that is not a problem at the user end of the equation. The site is quick and responsive and the vast majority of users will never guess that the back-end of the site is working so hard to produce what they are seeing in front of them.






When a site is very hot it is very easy to simply dismiss it as being flavor of the month. In the case of Pinterest that would be a very short-sighted mistake. The site does provide a wide range of functionality and does it in an amazingly quick fashion. This is particularly impressive when the server intensive nature of many of the functions is taken into account. is a site that has a lot of very server intensive functionality. For the most part it handles this very efficiently and elegantly but we decided to go for a 4 star rating only because of the minor difficulties we encountered along the way.